The Cause: The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a lot of uncertainty to us all. Sports and events have been cancelled, meetings are online, and no one knows when quarantine will end. However, many of our neighbors are unable to afford the basic essentials we so often take for granted. As we rush to grocery stores to stock up on nonperishables and toilet paper, many who live pay check to pay check are not able to buy in bulk.


About AFAC: The Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) is a non-profit organization in Arlington, Virginia that provides supplemental groceries to those in need. Farmers markets and restaurants usually donate produce, but many are not able to during this time because of COVID-19 closures and reductions in business. When food donations fall short, AFAC relies on monetary donations to buy food and cleaning supplies, as well as paying its own employees. To meet increased demand during this crisis, AFAC has also temporarily hired laid off restaurant workers. 

How you can help: The good news is, you can help! By participating in this virtual 5k, you can get active, stay connected, get outside (or move about inside) and help your community while you're at it! You can run, bike, walk, or hike. You can participate inside, on a treadmill or spin bike, taking laps around the living room, or take the fun outside (with proper social distancing). If you are able, please donate however much you can spare. Make a donation, print the online bib, and upload a photo of yourself participating! We have to maintain physical distance to save lives, but we don't have to be socially isolated from our friends and neighbors! 


Whether you can donate or not,  please consider joining our virtual photo album and stay connected! This virtual 5k is not only about raising money to help feed our neighbors, but also about coming together as a community in these challenging times. We will come out of this pandemic stronger and more connected than ever before.